Guess I'm in an overall drag mood. Both this kids have this really nasty virus that includes spiky fevers, and overnight coughing fits that make them sound like they've got croup or something. Brian is getting something nasty too, and he's a joy to be around when he's sick. Saw the doc about all this; it’s a virus, there's nothing we can do but just pound the fluids and be good to their/our bodies. But it's still unnerving to cuddle this broiling hot child while putting yet another dose of ibuprofen down her throat. I'm washing my hands like a madwoman and pounding the echinecea and other Vitamin C sources in an attempt to stave this off so I don't get it. So that's contributing to this overall drag I've got.

Anyway, the Wednesday Weigh In numbers, which hopefully hearald the end of this weight spike. 220.5, 46.5, down exactly 1. Normally this would be cause for happyness, but I'm still depressed with how out of control I got during January, and how I blew all the goodness of the standard holiday season. I know, I know, forgive myself and move on. But it feels like wasted time, like I totally blew everything I worked for. I'm not even where I was back in September. I'm even above a major milestone that I remember doing the happy dance over many months back. There's just this spike in my weightloss graph for January, and its sticking out on the chart like this cyst-like zit I've got brewing on my forehead.

The refined sugar fast is going well. I haven't been totally good, but at the same time, those first few days were significant because I was presented with temptation and I got past it. So I guess I should feel good about that. At least I'm not having massive blood sugar spikes from eating a whole bag of Butterfinger BBs. That's been the one good thing about this week. I've severely cut down the refined sugar, and already I feel good (all things considered) physically. Brian was even mentioning this the other day. Last year, he had high blood pressure and besides your standard BP meds, the one dietary change he made was to cut out High Fructose Corn Syrup, and it's made a difference in his BP, his attitude, his overall feel-goodness, all that stuff. I know the scientific jury is still out with their verdict, but going on what we feel in our bodies, we just know something is up with that stuff. "Man, what a difference cutting the HFCS makes" Brian mused over the epiphany he had when I mentioned I was going on a refined sugar fast. "HFCS really fucks you up." Indeed.


PastaQueen said…
Back in 5th grade we did an experiment with two rats. We gave one water and the other sugar water. The one on sugar water got fat and inactive. Funny how I never thought to apply these concepts to myself. Poor little rat got fat for nothing.

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