Lighten Up

1/18/2007 - 183, up 1.4.
1/25/2007 - 178.4, down 4.6. 53.4 lbs lost total. Last time I was here was 11/16. The 55 lbs lost mark is within reach. And I'm finally ready to face the challenge and get there.

OK, let's call it J18 and LUW and HELL and AOM. That's what's turned me around. Something in the 1/18 meeting finally struck a chord. Couldn't tell you what. But I was motiviated. And maybe it was the weight gain, too. What am I doing? Am I just throwing my $$ away to WW if I'm not going to follow the program? So J18 - that's the first factor in my turning around.

I'm on a team in the Lighten Up Wisconsin (LUW) challenge. We report our weight and activity each week to our team lead even though we only report to the challenge monthly. This keeps me going, that feeling of being accountable to the team. And we can win prizes! But it's more just the motivation.

These same teammates are doing another thing called Healthy Eating, Live Longer (HELL). As part of that we get beads. A black one if you gained, a yellow if you lost, and a happy face for each 5 lbs. You pay if you gain and the maintainers and losers share the pot. Since we do that on Monday, it's extra motiviation to be good on the weekends, my usually downfall time before I get back on track on Monday.

I signed up for America on the Move (AOM) where you record your steps/activity each day. Trying to continue to work in activity to stay with that. With all these ways to track my food and activity, I have no excuses!

My final thing that will keep me going is walking. I've been wanting to do more walking and made it a priority goal this year to really get out there and walk. Long walks, organized walks, endurance walks. So I finally stopped just talking and started taking steps to fulfilling my goal. I sent out an email to local girlfriends to see who will join me in these walks. I'm also very excited about the whole Volkssport thing. There's a local chapter called the Dairyland Walkers that have some great organized walks and other anytime mapped walks. I'm going to a membership meeting in two weeks. There's a 10K this weekend already and a couple friends are joining me. It's a big step for me, not only in really committing to my exercise goals and weight loss, but in getting myself to stop just thinking about it and actually doing it.

55 lbs lost here I come.


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