Only Overweight

Last week's weigh in was 191.6. Close enough to my 191 goal. I'm claiming that I am officially "overweight" and no longer "obese". 40.2 lbs down in 6 months. It feels good.

Went to Mall of America with some girlfriends for the weekend. Bought a few new clothes, but not too much yet. There's still 60 lbs I want to lose before I drastically overhaul my wardrobe. When I got home, I did try on pretty much every piece of clothing I own and pulled out about 3-4 bags to donate and have a few more items earmarked to go in the next cleaning out. It feels good.

At the hotel I went swimming with the cop girlfriend. Last year we raced each other in the pool quite a bit. We both won some, but she won slightly more. This year we only raced twice and each won one (I got a bad start - yeah, that's it). She didn't want to race anymore. I could tell I'm getting more fit and my legs are stronger. I could tread water in the deep end forever. It feels good.

For the first time ever, I did something I thought I'd never do - I worked out in the hotel fitness room. Each morning I got up early and did my 30 minutes. I got to try some new equipment, too. I took the stairs a few times when I was alone and the elevators were taking forever. It feels good.

I haven't been tracking my points consistently the last few weeks. Yet I've managed to continue losing. The "lifestyle change" is truly taking effect. I'm excited that I may not have to track points for the rest of my life. I've kept and increased the vegetables in my diet and I've controlled my snacks and sweets. I took a bag of carrots and apples into the MOA for snacking this weekend and my favorite water bottle. I did go over my 2 drinks per night guideline on Saturday, but that's ok. I even got a low-fat tropical smoothie from Orange Julius when all the other women got DQ and didn't feel like I was deprived. It feels good.


V'ron said…
you know, I'm supposed to be jealous. No, interestingly enough, I feel good about your success too. Something about proving its possible.... and not just to some unnamed person in a magazine.

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