Medicine or reward/treat?

Worked out like a horse this weekend, but ate like a pig, so that's why I feel like a cow. I am not anywhere near my goal of being down to pre-Sammy pregnancy weight by the end of the month (I'm four pounds away), a milestone with which I was going to reward myself with a day off from work, spent at a day spa, which would include a hydrotherm massage and a much needed facial. (I spent the majority of my 45 years with perfect, I say PERFECT, skin and now, at 45, I'm starting to look like a teenager vis-a-vis the acne. Oy! Is this my punishment for never having needed to buy a jar of Stridex Pads in the 70s -- paid back with interest? Are forehead zits the size of capers a premenopausal symptom? I need a beauty professional to have a look at this. I'm not ready to admit I need the services of somebody who did 8 years of post-graduate study -- AKA a dermatologist -- yet.) Part of me says book the freaking appointment anyway, I deserve it, the other part of me says the reason I suck at weight loss is that I nickel and dime myself in cheating at food, and this is just another way to nickel and dime cheat. The reward was supposed to come at 218, and I should stick to that. Then again, the reason I'm behind was those two past weeks where I was stressed out, so stressed out I could barely turn my neck, and massage is a nice, drug-free way of reducing stress. So, is a massage medicine, or is it a reward/treat? That's really the question here. I see it more as a treat, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't use it as medicine, as well.


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