Motivation comes in different packages

I've been hovering around this same weight this entire month, partly because I fell off the wagon while I was sick, and then I was stressed out at work (and used food as the medicine), and it is sooooo hard to climb back onto that wagon (it moves so fast and you're so heavy!) that I was getting bummed out but sometimes encouragement comes in different ways. Those scale numbers were depressing me and eating away at my motivation. Then I flashed on the fact that my measurements were at least somewhat encouraging, but this morning was the true kicker I needed. I put on these standard Eddie Bauer size 18 trousers in quasi-strechy black, and, well, wouldja look at this. The waistband isn't rolling over from the fat roll. Hey, as a matter of fact, there's room here. I didn't notice it last week when I wore them. Hmmmmm. Extreme zoom and closeup to the folded-up Old Navy size 16 quasi-stretchy gray pinstripe trousers that didn't fit when I bought them. I'd held them up in the store a couple of months back and said to myself "Awwww…. That oughta fit me, and for $18, and I'm already running late, I'll take em!" Then I get them home and I can't even get them past my thighs. Hey, I get points for not running to the freezer to have a word with Ben and Jerry about this. So I folded them up, put them on a high shelf, confident that someday they will fit. Would today be that day?

Past my thighs…Over the hips, find the zipper, moment of truth…zzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiP. Top fastener button thingy works too! I didn't have to lay down to put them on. I'll wear them tomorrow. Today I'm not going to have a chance to get to the gym, so I'm going to have to do stairs on my lunch hour, and I need comfortable pants to do that. I said the Old Navy pants fit. I didn't say they were comfortable.



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