40 days of forgiveness - WWI

224.0. Fat % 46.4. i deserved this. I've had way too many weeks where I've gotten away with it. Its not teh weight itself, its the discipline I failed at, and finally the numbers are paying me for it.

OK. Fucked up. Forgive myself. Move on, already. It's Lent. Packed myself a nutritious lunch, and need to plan dinner.

Oh, and the graph still shows a downward trend.


The L said…
Today is a new day for us all. I have come to find that I think 229 must be my friend, because I can't seem to part from that number. I suppose I shouldn't complain, I had gone back up to 230, so at least I am down a bit! Keep on movin' and don't be too discouraged we'll get this right at some point!

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