The family had a nice long weekend vacation in Appleton the last 4 days. We did a lot of fun kid stuff and some fun adult stuff and lots of walking throughout. And we ate a lot of stuff. I did pack healthy snacks and insisted on some healthy choices at most meals. (Found out Wendy's has some decent options for sides for the kids and adults.) I tried to do salads at many meals, but one can only do so many salads. So I indulged. And it was great. I had some fun drinks and I ate some ribs and steak. And one glorious baked potato with real butter and salted on the outside (I never was a fan of the salted potato before, but now that salt is a rarity in my daily food, it just wows me). My scale was up 6 pounds this morning from last Saturday, but I have no regrets. I have today to redeem myself before tomorrow's weigh-in. Luckily I made a huge pot of the WW zero point veggie soup last week. That may be my lunch everyday until I get these pounds off.


V'ron said…
That's exactly the point. If you can't have a steak and some sodium and trans fats every now and then, you just might as well eat cardboard for the rest of your life. OK, you put on 6 pounds this weekend. I put on 3. And it was good.
The L said…
Was I the only person that got way too excited when I saw rather than the old nasty unhealthy burgers and fried stuff, Wendy's is now offering deli sandwiches, even for the kids menu.

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