WWI: Being sick throws everything off kilter

Wow, what a week!

MoPie is finally back with a renamed blog, Anne is back and posting again, PastaQueen got a book deal, and well, I lost 2.1 pounds. So Wednesday Weigh In numbers are 218.4, fat %46.0. Fever: 103.4 at times.

Yeah, I have to credit some of my loss to The Nasty Virus, which had me, as I mentioned in my other blog, curled up in a fetal ball of fever all day Saturday. What was I thinking going out on Friday night? I'll tell you: I'd been cooped up all week, and I *had* to get out and socialize. I was darn good, too. I alternated diet cola with microbrew, and kept it all under ten points. But being sick cramps my style, both in general living, and in trying to stick to an eating plan.

So I was on a soup-making frenzy this week. Its so darn cold around here, and soup is good, warming, and usually low-fat food, especially if you make it yourself. That was the mistake I made the last time I was (and usually when I get) sick: mistaking food for real medicine like ibuprofen or pseudoephidrine. Its like, helLO, chocolate cake is NOT going to loosen up any of that phlegm in your lungs like dexomorphan can. Or nice warm chicken soup. I didn't have the energy to actually buy a soup chicken and make real from scratch chicken soup or stock, but I did the next best thing, bought some Swanson's Chicken Broth, and went nuts.

I did the ol Mushroom Barley thing: combining the standard Weight Watchers recipe with Mollie Katzen's from The Moosewood Cookbook. (I have an old edition of Moosewood, back from when the way to introduce everybody to vegetarianism was to drown everything in cream and butter. You learn to make changes.). Then I made a huge pot of split pea soup, which is one of the few soups I make that Stella likes too. And last night I made a pot of curried lentil with spinach, and gave it a little twist by dumping a can of tomatoes in it. (This time of year there really is no reason to even consider "fresh" tomatoes). I also made my favorite garlicky red lentil with carmelized onions thingy, from "A New Way To Cook" (by Sally Schneider: the "new way" is to view butter, bacon fat, and cream as flavorings, not as dominant ingredients.) Put it all into single serving disposable tupperwares, ready to pull out of the freezer for my own "lean cuisines". The work freezer is packed with Lean Cusinies, yet yesterday everybody panicked because the cafeteria was down (the cold has resulted in busted pipes.) You're going through the workday, and what have you got to look forward to? Hot cafeteria food or a Lean Cuisine? Well, I've got plenty of home cooked food right away. All labeled with points values, just like Lean Cuisines, but hardly any fat, absolutely no HFCS, and lots of good housewarming karma.

Still going good on the processed sugar fast. Not completely cutting it out, but the consciousness of it has resulted in my not eating nearly what I was going nuts on in January. I'm still off kilter, though. I can't get back into a good routine because being sick just throws routine out the window. The kids are still coming back from it, they're not 100%, and when a three year old boy ain't happy, ain't nobody around him's happy either. And fat girls, what do we do when we're not happy?!?!?!

Make soup!!!!!


Lynette said…
well shoot. chocolate cake isn't the miracle cure? criminy, what a freakin' disappointment.

your soups sound divine. i have a cookbook called "vegetarian pleasures," and it is indeed a pleasure because it is LOADED with cheese and butter and cream and everything divine and luscious.

good for you :-) feel better. this cold seriously sucks.

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