Valentine's Day Weigh-In

Don't get me chocolate today, people. Chocolate on Valentine's Day is probably more for people who don't have it that much, so it’s a treat and one of my issues is seperating treat from meal. Plus, if you were going to get me chocolate, don't get me one of those giant sampler boxes in the shape of a heart. It's overkill. This whole holiday is overkill. I love roses, but not for $150 a dozen delivered.

Wednesday Weigh In numbers: 217.0, fat % 46.2. Down 1.4. Two weeks in a row, and I *feel* like I'm back on track. Especially since I've really weaned myself well of highly processed sugar (which Valentine's candy is case study in). I don't even have a craving for it anymore. I'm sure I'll want a piece of candy now and then, but going cold turkey (or at least cool turkey) was the best thing I've done lately.

Not much more to say. The Old Navy pants are loose again. This is good.


BigAssBelle said…
there really is just not enough chocolate in the world for me. the entire chocolate supply of the universe is less than i want. it is a dark syrupy sugary drug. some days i long for it :(

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