Walking on

178, down 0.4. Not big numbers, but down anyway, back to my lowest point again. This week has been pretty good, but still gotta keep my focus. It could have been better. Lunch out on Saturday and Lunch at the women's basketball game did not help. I had a salad at Joey's seafood restaurant. It was the coconut chicken, but I'm not fooling myself into thinking the chicken is at all good for me or low points with its coconut batter and then deep fried. Then I notice Gary's meal is two pieces of grilled fish with sides. I could have had that and two sides of the sauteed veggies and been about the same or maybe better. Oh, well. Gotta think about those grilled options more often. Saturday mornings for the next few weeks are devoted to the theater where for $2.50 you get a seat at a recent kids movie and a bag of popcorn. Can't beat that. Exactly how many points for the butter on the popcorn?!

The walking did go well this week. Four of us gathered at West Towne mall early Saturday morning for the Snowman Shuffle 10K, which was nine laps around the inner perimeter of the mall. We finished in less than 2 hours. Not too bad, but I did feel it near the end and I was so tired in the afternoon. If I'm doing 17 miles in May, I do need to get with the walking program. A few of us are now thinking of mall walking most Saturdays. I may skip this week but I'm definitely doing it next week and then on the 24th at the next Dairyland Walkers 10K at East Towne. Jenny and I walk at lunch almost every day. I'm so used to it now that I hate to miss a day. When friends invite me to lunch I almost want to turn them down so I can walk.


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