Got my next 5!!

176.6. Down 1.0 from last week. Down 55.2 since joining WW. Yeah! Nine months waiting for that next 5 and it's finally here. I almost can't believe it and happy that I've gotten down this far. And mad at myself for taking so long. I lost 50 lbs in 9 months, and then it took another 9 months to get 5 more lbs. But now I just have to look forward. Look toward the next goals.

As further motivation (in addition to the WW, HELL, LUW, AOM things that are already supposed to motivate me), I'm finally assigning tangible rewards to my goals. Written down, not floating in my head. For this one I get some new socks. Walking socks that I love that are something like $8-10/pr. I want at least 3 more pair. With 60 lbs lost, I get a Magic Bullet. Many WW people and other friends have been raving about them and I'd like one too. I've got more goals and rewards and will post soon.


talia said…
Oh, a MAgic Bullet is a weightloss TOOL! Dont make that a reward!

A massage is a reward for 60 lbs down!

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