A day late

177.6, down 1.8. Not enough to hit next 5 but less than a pound away! I got my friend Sue's 1.8 and she got my 2.6 + to get her next 5. I'm so happy for her. This morning's scale was down more than a lb since yesterday even after I splurged on one of my mom's "cookies by design" type cookies last night. A day late as usual lately (we weigh in for HELL on Mondays when I'm up from the weekend and I seem to drop 2 lbs by Tuesday every time).

This weekend will be a challenge and I need to rise up to meet it. This morning was a girlfriends breakfast but I kept my order to a single strawberry crepe. Walking at lunch and watching my food intake today should help. Then we head up to our friends' cabin this afternoon. Usually the chips and booze flow freely at the cabin, so I'm arming myself with tons of fruit and veggies, 94% ff popcorn and, well, I'll just really have to watch my alcohol intake. Maybe just a splash of something in my diet soda? Hoping to try out snowshoeing tomorrow and maybe attempt some cross-country skiing if the snow looks good since I'm so bad (at least it's a good workout since I'm basically walking in skis). And if needed, I'll just go walking on the roads, but I really got to get activity points.

Marathon training starts next week. I'm eyeing up a 1/2 marathon in Eagle River on May 12, Syttende Mai 17 miles on May 19, and full marathon in Stevens Point on June 2. The first two walks work right into the marathon training. I found that one of my walking friends' husbands is doing the Walk Wisconsin and I decided that's the one for me. I'm working on our WW leader to join me in the marathon.

0.8! 0.8! 0.8!


BigAssBelle said…
you are making such steady progress, good for you. i admire your ability to eat a single strawberry crepe ~ what a woman!!

i think it's this horrible winter we've had, but my motivation seems to have leaked out around the windows along with the heat in the house.

it's spring-like here today, so hoping hoping that with a sense of freedom again, the real urge to get some more pounds off will come upon me. we shall see.

thanks for your consistency. i could do better at that.
V'ron said…
So you're running a marathon! Woo Hoo!

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