WWI: All You Can Eat Sacrifice

WWI numbers: 216, fat %46, down exactly 1. This was a gift. I wasn't tracking this week, so any loss is pure luck. I spent Fat Tuesday eating sushi.

Fat Tuesday, Ash WEdnesday. Lent. For whatever reason, nobody in the fat blog community that I follow seems to ahve touched this topic this year, and yet last year we were all over this. Maybe we've all said everything we wanted to say about it. Here's my post from last year. I really have nothing to add, except a little rant about the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.

Here's the thing. The point of Lent, and not eating meat on Fridays, is to be giving something up. I remember my mom and I going to Red Lobster on fridays and getting Lobster becasue we couldn't eat meat. So we got LOBSTER. Oh, what a sacrifice! (In retrospect, maybe because we live in the midwest, and it had been so long since Mom had been home in New Jersey, that she couldn't remember what really good, fresh lobster tasted like. So maybe going to Red Lobster was a sacrifice.).

Similar point here in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, one of the most Catholic-dense places in America. The restaurant/hospitality industry caters to Catholics during Lent on Fridays by offering fish fries. But these aren't any ol' fish fries. These aren't a piece of broiled perch on your plate, stare at it and reflect on the fasting and suffering Jesus Our Lord and Saviour made on our behalf for 40 days (and 40 nights!). No, we follow the letter of the law and eat the darn fish and eschew the beef and other white meat. But we do it grand! All you can eat fish fries! Oh, what suffering! All you can eat, people, all you can eat! You're torn: do you try to maintain the spirit of the Friday Lenten observation, or do you also try not to waste money, and get the very best value for your $6.95 (which includes coleslaw, a slice of marble rye bread, and some fish-tinged fries, as if you haven't had enough trans fats today.). And wash it down, of course, with What Made Milwaukee Famous.

40 days and 40 nights of suffering and sacrificing like this. Jesus has got to be shaking his head, saying, "Oh me. I should be annoyed at this, but I'm not. I see what you mean, Dad, you just gotta love humanity."


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