WWI: back on normal track

220.6, fat % 46.5, down 1.6 for the week. Not bad considering I had chips at this seminar and the cookie, neither of which were good. I ate them because they were there. I have to stop eating food because its there. Then again, it was the only thing there. I'm spoiled by UWM-Extension seminars, where they give you a choice for lunch of pasta, three hot entrees, a salad, blah blah blah, and for breakfast, yogurt, bagels, (and yes, donuts). No, at this seminar the only thing they had for breakfast was danish, and lunch was a "box lunch" with an unsatisfying roast beef (and not GOOD roast beef, either, i should have taken the ham) sandwhich on a giant white bun, chips, an OK chocolate chip cookie, and at least a really good apple. Still, had I known, I'd have brought my own good food.


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