Weird weather exposes HUGE development

So last Tuesday was something like 50 degrees out. We've been having a mild winter here as it is, and it was just ridiculous.

Anyway, I'm been ambivalent about running, with my weird knee issues, and perhaps that's just been an excuse. Lately, I've been taking a few laps around the track after an elliptical or stairclimbing machine run.

Usually on Tuesdays, I take Stella to ballet, and while she's in class, kill the time by climbing the actual stairs in the building where she has ballet. But it being 50 degrees out, I decide to take a run around the block. "Around the block" ended up being going all the way downtown and back, which I think was about 2.5 miles. Took me a half hour. Whatever, I maintained a run for a half hour. This is HUGE for me.


Wednesday, I ran around the track at the Y for about 20 minutes after a standard stairclimber.

Thursday, I ran around the runner's track at the Petitt Center while Stella had her ice skating lesson. (BTW, she had her test for the next level and she was worried, but I told her I knew she would pass and I was right!).

Today, after my workout, I bought myself new running shoes. And when I say running shoes, that's not a generic terms for "gym shoes" or "tennis shoes" or whatever. I usually just buy some cross-trainers. No, today I bought a pair of Saucony Grid running shoes, meant to run in.

This is HUGE. My confidence in running is back. I feel good swimming, and I live on a bicycle. But running? Knee-killing, shin splinting, body-jarring running? Maybe I'm actually getting in shape. Maybe all this working out is paying off. I don't even remember being able to last a half hour back ten years ago, back 40 pounds ago, I couldn't last a half hour. I don't know what is different this time, but I like it.

Huge, I tell you. Huge. HUGE. Maybe doing that triathlon isn't so far away.


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