Last week I hit 35.0. It was so nice to get my little Next 5 star. But I want the 100 lbs magnet. That's my long-term goal. I keep kicking around short term goals in my head, but thought it was time to put them in writing.

191 lbs by end of Feb - At this weight I will no longer by "obese" by BMI definitions. I will welcome my "overweight" status.

181.8 lbs by March 24 - 50 lbs lost just in time for spring break

158 lbs by end of May - BMI defines my weight as "Normal"

156.8 lbs by June 8 - 75 lbs lost just in time for my weekend in CA to celebrate my sister's 25th birthday and my dad's 60th

131.8 lbs by Sept 22 (1 yr from first weigh-in) - 100 lbs - if I'm this close, gotta go for the nice even number

140 lbs for Lifetime. This is the weight I've been aiming for over the last few years. Maybe it will change as I get closer and see what my body looks like.

These are aggressive - about 2.5 lbs per week. I'm not going to kick myself if I don't make them, but at least they are something to aim for. My lifestyle changes are a work in progress and so my goals may fluctuate. But I will get there.


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