Being sick sure takes it out of you

Kdk is sure right -- being under the weather sure wreaks havoc on one's weightloss resolve. It's like for some weird reason you think chocolate is going to do something about that bronchitis-ike cough, and three pieces of chunky bread is going to quench that horrible thirst that being sick gives you. Yesterday I did the Y, a haphazard half hour on the stairclimber followed by some really lame lower body work, and today i felt better and actually ran a bit after some elliptical work, and did good work on upper body. But sitting in the steam room is what I really needed.

So, let's rate the Ys --

SW -- best child care facility. I like all the child care PEOPLE at the Ys I frequent, heck Stella pretty much grew up with the South Shore ladies, but the SW Y has this huge habitrail-like thing that the kids look forward to. Great whirlpool -- its in the women's room so you don't have to wreck the lycra in your swimsuit to use it. No steam room, and the sauna is iffy. But the ambient lighting in the locker room is really nice, and there's a nice little chill out room off the locker room. Too bad the showers SUCK there. Take forever to not be freezing cold, and the pressure is worthless.

Downtown -- best grownup Y. Excellent showers, choice of sauna, steam, but the whirlpool is shared with the men. Good long track for running or walking. They used to have this great funk aerobics class on Saturdays, but now they only do that on weeknights and that doesn't work for me. Too bad -- excellent class, great funk and hip hop music, led by these two sisters whose booty shaking skills are beyond amazing. Plus, babies got back, but its back in serious shape. Makes me feel better about these polish child-bearing hips.

South Shore -- Real, good old fashioned south side family Y. Showers are eh, sauna is the best. Stella has a good relationship with the sports coaches. They seem to have had a huge staff turnaround and I'm not necessarily happy about that. Some of my favorite people -- Kim, Mary, etc., are gone. And the child care times have shrunk. However, they have instituted a supervised kid fun time for older kids like Stella, and she's enjoying that. Hey, at least Miss Donna and others are still in the kid care, and they're wonderful with my babies. I also like the pool there. Very high-school pool atmosphere.

Good. I've talked myself out of the fact that I feel like crap this week, both physically and being disappointed in myself.


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