Time to catch up

When's the last time I posted? Probably at 60 lbs lost. Well, I'm back to 55 lbs lost as of yesterday. I'm totally not following program, but feel I'm maintaining. Accomplishments since last post are finishing my second Syttende Mai walk (17 miles) on May 19 in 4 hrs 31 mins and my first marathon, Walk Wisconsin marathon in Stevens Point (full 26.2 miles) on Jun 2. Finished in 7 hrs 50 mins. Our time could have been better, but it rained on us and we needed some breaks to change socks, apply bandaids. And we stopped for some pictures at mile marker 26. I met another solitary woman walker right before we started and so she and I walked the whole thing together. It really made the time fly in a way my books on mp3 would not have. And now I have a new walking friend, although she lives in Muskego, so it may be a while before we walk together again. Gar and kids met me at the finish line and the kids want to do the quarter marathon next year. Since I walk a 10K every Tuesday with the Dairyland Walkers, I need to start them on some short walks and hopefully they can join me on some Tuesday nights later in the summer. Gar and I are planning on going on a Fall Color Walking Tour with the Dairyland Walkers in October. Eight 10K walks in 5 days in WI, MN, and MI. My sister and her husband will fly out to watch the kids so we can get some couple time for the first time in years!

Big driving vacation coming up in the first couple weeks of July. I wanted to be all skinny for my sister's wedding, but I'm sure I'll be right about where I am now. And with road food for much of the trip, I'll be happy if I just maintain.


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