Prom Queen Sized

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EDITED on 6/16 to swap out the photo. I already used Jake's in the previous regular blog post, so I'm using Sbug's for variety here.....

anyway, back to the non edited text....
Numbers for for Wednesday (ha!) weigh in. 217. Down 1. Not bad.... I guess. Still not paying as close attentino as I should.

This is me doing the the Riverwest Beer Run at Locust Street Festival. Locust street is the thoroughfare in the middle of the the student/artist boho neighborhood in Milwaukee where I used to live. The Beer Run is as, (as I write in the blog in the above referenced link) prepsterous as it sounds -- a 1.8 mile race with four beer stops. Me and my girlfriends decided that if you're going to run through a neighborhood drinking a beer on a Sunday morning, you might as well do it wearing evening gowns and tiaras.

Well, it was this nice little warmup to the Danskin Tri I'm doing in a couple of weeks, but it's actually underscored my problem lately. And that is, being fat isn't stopping me from being myself, from doing the things I want to do, etc. So I'm not trying as hard. I just don't like being fat in and of itself, its uncomfortable, there was a prom dress that would have been even more perfect that didn't fit, (I know, that's the least of my worried), but heck, I got my band going, I RAN the whole beer run, Jesus, I'm running a triathlon in a few weeks. Being fat isn't ruining my life.

But it is hampering it a bit....but beinig Queen sized isn't stopping it. And that's my problem. I'm unhappy being fat in and of myself, but it's not stopping me from living, and thus I'm not as motivated to really pay attention to my eating habits.


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