Secrets of the French Women

Week 5 weigh in is tonight. Some thoughts before I "weigh in" tomorrow.

The French women are all skinny. Fat French Women do not exist. They have methods and secrets. My sister lives in Paris now and shared a few with me:

1. First, they watch HOW MUCH they eat. Period. They acknowledge the fact that they can't just eat whatever, whenever. This is an ongoing thing for them. A life commitment.
2. They allow themselves treats, but then make up for it the next few days.
4. They have "meals". "Meal" meaning they sit down with other people, have conversation, and truly enjoy the experience. I've found that when we sit down to a nice family meal or to a meal with friends, I tend to eat less, eat better, eat slower, and enjoy each bite.
5. They favor quality over quantity.
6. They drink wine in moderation. No sick drunken displays. My sister claimes she's never seen a drunk French woman.

Those chic bitches!



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