Countdown to Tri

Numbers first: 215.8, down 2.2. That's what traning will do for you.

Racing slicks put on bike, new chain, new rear cassette, complete tune-up. Check.

New running shoes. Wow, you don't realize how bad the old ones are until you're in the running store trying on new ones. Wow! I love new running shoes. Check.

Bought a bunch of carbo-gels at Jennifer's adivce: "Learn which ones don't make you throw up BEFORE the race." Check.

OK, triathlon in 2 weeks.

OH, BTW, just to be a bitch, I posted this entry at my regular blog. I know, I should give this a rest but I couldn't resist.


Lady Rose said…
Awesome!!!! **celebrating your success and cheering you on in your training** pompoms waving

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose
Lori said…
Cheering you on from Virginia! Every Sat., I get to see the women who are doing the training for our town's 4K for breast cancer. It's the social thing in a way but it's damn hard work. Not as severe as yours but it's awesome to see all of you out there working hard, training yourselves. Much different than when I was in phys ed in high school. (I had planned on joining this training pre-knee screw-up.)

You and everyone doing these things are awesome!!

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