Chipotle - RU Kidding Me?

Rumors tell me that Chipotle is a horror in terms of WW Points. Rumors do come true.

According to this, the Veggie Fajita Burrito I had for lunch is 40 POINTS! 1718 Calories! 79 Grams of Fat! I asked them to just dust the cheese and sour cream so maybe that gives me a point or two. The tortilla alone is 330 calories!


"Get Real" strategy is: If you're invited to Chipotle, you order a Bowl (sans tortilla), have them skip the cheese and sour cream altogether and eat 1/4 of it...maybe a third at best....

BTW - Down 6.4 in 4 weeks and feeling good.....


pastgirl said…
I just recently found you blog and like it so thought I'd say:

Congrats on the loss!!!

I've heard the same about Chipotle so I just stay far, far away. I've never been to one but grew up in CA and have a definite soft spot for gigantic burritos.
Lori said…
I have the vegetarian bol minus the fajita vegetables (I think those are 2 points right there!) and not much cheese and no sour cream. I think mine comes down to 11 or 12 points -- and yeah, I've seen that calculator. The Calculator of Doom.

Your weight loss is really good!
That is too bad, I loved Chipotle and I guess I tricked myself into thinking it was a healthier choice...oh well!

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