Up three. Need to start journaling.

Ach, I'm up three pounds to 224. I seem to be hovering around here; there's no discipline involved and I need to get it back. I'm disciplining myself to work our every day, but I'm not planning meals and I'm paying for it.

I'm hitting this icky "Oh, the heck with it, I'll never do this" feeling that's wafting over me and thank god for this blog, because coming here, and re-reading old entries is indeed keeping me going. I have to start journaling the food again; that's all there is to it.

Still busy. I've got my photo show and of course, a week beforehand we are hitting a few last-minute snags that have re-introduced "corncob" to my rotating pool of oft-used vocabulary words. Can't go public quite yet on the source of that corncob's trail, but suffice to say as a Project Manager, I should have known it was going all too smoothly, all too perfectly, a project isn't a project unless it hits a crisis or two. And as far as crises go, this isn't really that bad: it's not really detracting from our original scope or goal, which was to host an event-based exhibition of our work. But still, last minute curve balls either have to be slammed out of the ballpark or just accept the strike. And as previously blogged, this is all a source of stress, and as my numbers are showing, I'm medicating my stress with food, and that's not good.

Training for the triathlon is going glacially, but at least I'm sticking to my goal of doing something workout related at least once a day. But maybe next week, when the kids' schedules are back to normal, and maybe Wisconsin weather gets back to normal (snow in April, WTF?!?!?) I can just put my training schedule and work it in. I've got to do more than 30 minutes of cardio a day if I'm going to make a decent effort in July.


honib1 said…
just found your blog going to link it to mine.. good read... dont fret to much about the weight gain.. it will all work out.. a step at a time....
Lori said…
V'ron, I looked at your photographs for the show and they're awesome. I just added you as a contact for my flickr account so I can see more. Good luck with the show and the program.
Fat Chick said…
I totally know what that's like, hovering around the same weight and just feeling like enough's enough. But you'll get through it - past it - around it. I know I'm trying... again.

You can do it, everything will get back to normal (and what's up with the snow!)

Hang in there :)

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