Blogroll updates

A few of my faves have moved or come back.

  • Big Fat Deal, a really great blog, has moved! Mopie and the gang are here now. New and improved! The new look it great, it has links to a "greatest hits" set of posts and comments. If you don't already visit with Mo and Weet and Anne, I highly recommend you do so. As I commented there, that blog has been instrumental in my analysis of how I view myself, since they focus on media intrepretations of weight, and let's get real: we DO base our self-image on what the media barrages us with. Having that awareness is a huge step in getting past all the "supposed to bes".

  • Thanks to Pastaqueen who pointed out that The Fatslayer Chronicles is back! I'm glad to see this: when I first started This Time For Sure, I came upon the old Fatslayer site, and she had really great, hopeful writing that I loved. (Plus an overseas perspective which was enlightening.) Then she had the ol' "massive life changes" and she sort of ducked out of the weightloss blogosphere. So she's back, and better than ever. I have the old link so it's easy for you to check our her archives, which are worth reading.

OK, as you were.


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