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3/29/2007 - Unofficial 170 - down 5 lbs.
4/5/2007 - Official 175. up 5 from last week - same as 2 weeks ago.
Last week we took a couple spring break days, so I was down at Medieval Times eating 1/2 a chicken, skin and all, with my fingers at the time I would normally be weighing in. I don't know how I got so low last week, or how the pounds came back on so fast. It couldn't have been the chicken skin, could it?!

One thing that helped last week was Boca burgers for lunch. A co-worker found Western Bagels that she ordered from CA. They have 1 pt per bagel. So that was my entree all last week. A 1 pt bagel with a 1 pt Boca burger, some mustard, lettuce or spinach, and onion. They were good! My new favorite lunch. How can I go back to the 4-6 pt frozen meals again? Well, this week I have leftovers from dinners. Too many points and too much weight gained back. Back to Boca for me!
I got some really good walks in this weekend and somehow dodged most of the rain. But guess my eating kept up with my exercise. Easter is Sunday and I know I want to eat some Peeps and some ham and whatever else we make. So I better plan accordingly with the rest of my food because I've seen 170 and I want to see it again soon!


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