175.4 - Up 0.4. I'm giving myself permission to eat whatever I want during holiday meals and social events with family and friends. I've tried all the tricks - smaller portions, eating before you go, make healthier foods, leave the kitchen, etc, but I still end up eating lots of food and all the "bad" food anyway. So instead of indulging then feeling guilty and beating myself up, I'm now giving myself permission to eat and be merry and have no guilt! I've made so many healthy changes into my diet and have eliminated a lot of the day to day unhealthy junky foods that I can allow myself to indulge occasionally.

Up this week, but probably not due to Easter completely. Some of it might just be the different clothes and layers I'm wearing today to keep away the extra chill from the snow. My goal this week is to get 10 Lighten Up Wisconsin activity points each day. I got 17 on Monday from a treadmill walk, lunch walk, and 11K walk after work. I got 8 Tuesday. Yesterday was a snow day, so I only got 3 from the treadmill. Playing board games with the kids doesn't give you activity points but definitely racks up the Mom points with the kids and is so much fun! So I need to make up 2 pts in the next few days in addition to my daily goal. Got the ACS 10K walk on Saturday that will help. A nice long morning walk on Sunday should do the trick.


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