Not posting doesn't make those three pounds go away

I'm still stress eating, eating stupidly, and I'm up three pounds.

And I've put off this post saying so.

Ugh, what is the blog if I can't be accountable to it?

I don't have time to get all introspective, but at least I've posted. I've got this flickr photo show coming up, and on the good side, I've got the Danskin Triathlon I've decided to start training for. But I've had to take a break already because I've got a nasty sinus infection, that I hope will clear up by the end of this dreary weekend.

The V'ron you know will be back soon, but for now, I'm just going to try to stay in control, get back on track, get this photo show and this show with my band out of the way, and then look back and see how i could have handled this better. I'm not in a position to self-evaluate very well right now.


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