172.2, down 4.4. So close to next 5. My friend and I both have 0.4 to go for next 5, so next week we'll get it! This week I barely touched my flex points. I generally try to eat all my daily points and the extra activity points each day, but leave the flex points alone. The walking training is in full swing and I'm sure it helping. And it was just so cool to watch the scale go down this week. I think my body was ready to dump this weight. I'm finally making these lifestyle changes and making them stick. We'll see how well my resolve stays during restaurant meals and social events.

Breakfast and lunch are pretty routine. Protein shake or high fiber cereal in the morning. 5 veggies, 2-3 fruit and a protein shake or frozen WW or LC 3-5 pt meal are in my lunch bag to snack on throughout the day and at lunch. Veggies must be eaten first to load up on all the 0 point foods. Marinated beets are 1 pt, but I get one healthy oil in with them. I now make a roasted veggie recipe every week that I love and it's still 0 points, too. Gary found that vanilla Slimfast + Target's sugar-free fiber powder mixed with water tastes like a dreamsicle. It is pretty good and now that's breakfast on most days. This still leaves me with many points for the evening and I don't feel deprived.

My sister gave me a sweater and shirt for Christmas that I really like, but felt my gut still showed too much so I haven't worn them. Finally re-tried the sweater today and it looks pretty good so I'm wearing it at work. Not too clingy in the middle so I can "hide" the fat as has been discussed on these pages before. My plan is to be way too small to wear this sweater next year, so I wanted to make sure I wore it now.


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