Creeping up

3/15/2007 - 174.6, up 0.2. Last week was terrible. Ate way too much and all the wrong foods, barely got out. I was lucky to get about 4 miles of walking in on Sunday afternoon. I was supposed to walk 10 miles on Saturday. A lot of comfort eating and then a lot of "I've already blown it, so eat it all and get it out of my system and out of the house" eating. What "saved" me was tooth infection. A tooth with a root canal got infected and was suddenly causing major pain. Had to have oral surgery and then could only eat soft, cold things for a day or so. WW Frozen Fudge bars!!

3/22/2007 - 175.0, up 0.4. Spaghetti dinner at school last Thursdayt night. Breakfast with the girls Friday morning, St Pat's luncheon Friday noon, game night with friends on Saturday. Other bad eating. Got out a little more. Did a 7 mile walk at the mall with a couple friends. But still haven't trouble dragging my butt out of bed in the morning to exercise. I know I'm not getting enough sleep, so I don't blame my body. Maybe I can "catch up" this weekend. Ha! Like that ever happens.

Lighten up Wisconsin. We just finished month 2 last week. The leaderboard should be updated soon. Our team was right in the middle of the list on both weight and activity last month. We're all having trouble motivating ourselves and sticking with our eating and exercise plans. I'm too tired to care right now. But I have to shape up soon if I want to meet any of my LUW goals or overall weight loss goals. When I hit the next 5 pounds, I'm getting a new sports bra. And I so need a really decent, supportive one. I gotta get motivated for this, or I'm never going to get beyond and get my Magic Bullet.


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