Donut desires

174.4, up 2.2. Not surprised, but disappointed since I really wasn't "bad" this week. I did treat myself to one fru-fru drink at Cheeseburger in Paradise on Saturday, but had a reasonable meal and only a few sweet potato chips that came with my entrée (instead of ordering a whole appetizer as usual). We did have lava cakes at home afterwards. Should have counted the points first and shared with the kids instead of eating mine plus a portion of my daughter's), but at least they are out of the house now!! It's just that time of the month and even though I've kept pretty good reign over my ravenous appetite, I have had no energy to get up early to exercise or stay up late to do my walking training. I misplaced my tracker for a few days, so maybe I wasn't as good as I want to think. Or maybe it's just water retention?! At least I've gotten out walking at lunch each day and aim for at least 3 sets of stairs a day (4-6 flights each time). Well, "that time" has almost passed and I'm just waiting for the energy bounce to kick in.

Tomorrow is payday and I've been craving a donut. I'm considering working one into my week. I've been so good with not eating payday treats. I've probably only eaten a handful in the year and a half that I've been doing WW. If I do it, I'm going to eat it slowly and savor every bite. I should make a rule that I only get it if I actually get up and exercise tomorrow. And I should study up tonight to see what the point values are for the different kinds and decide how many I'm willing to spend. OK, that's too passive. I WILL follow the rule that I must exercise and I WILL decide tonight which lower point donut I can have. After all that I might decide it isn't worth the points, but I've been putting off this craving all week, and sometimes I do deserve to eat something bad just for the sheer pleasure. I don’t want to live in a world where I can't have an occasional donut.


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