Cleaning the Car

I know its Thursday and thus I'm late for "Wednesday Weigh In." I'm up one pound (220), my fat % is around the same (46.0), I'm riding the rickshaw, and I've just been eating out of control, as evidenced by the crap in my car.

I just cleaned out my car this morning (because its going to the shop today, and I can't bear for it to be filled with crap while they work on it) and it hit me how mindlessly I'm shoveling crap into my mouth. You should never eat in the car, say all the weightloss gurus. They're right. But I've been so busy, running around with a lot of stuff going on in my life. I'm not sleeping enough, and I'm too tired to cook well, which means I'm not eating well.

This morning I cleaned the following out of my car:
  • A few "Take Five" candy wrappers
  • A empty box of Girl Scout Lemon Cookies (Stella helped with this. I didn't eat the whole box. A large portion of it, tho.) They're changed the formula. They're really good.
  • Bags from Arby's, McDonald's and Wendy's. And the accompanying wrappers for medium roast beef, cheesburgers, and fries. Fries! I'm so sure I'm ordering fries.
  • Empty cans of soda. At least its diet soda. But still.
  • An empty bottle of Aquifina Splash
  • An empty box of Tic Tacs
  • Four empty bic lighters
  • A nasty sippy cup with chocolate milk that has since turned into chocolate cheese
  • A bazillion individual Starburst wrappers

OK, some of this I can attribute to Stella and Sam (the starburst wrappers and the nasty sippy cup, respectively.) But otherwise no. This explains a lot. You don't update your food tracker whilst driving, and its like I'm eating this crap like, "I'm driving so it doesn't count!" Oh, what a newbie thing to do. I'm really ashamed. I deserve this weight gain. I needed a wake up call, and nothing wakes you up like cleaning the crap out of your car on an early winter's morning.

In other news, my band has booked a gig. For late April. Looks like I'll be above 200 for that, but then again, its a good thing to violate of the Fat Girl Rules, namely, "I can't try to work on any other goals until I get rid of this fat" which I modify to: "I'll wait till I'm thin to get on with my life." No, I'm not waiting until I'm thin. Losing the weight needs to be a side effect of life changes, not the catalyst.


Natalie C. said…
Good point about the wake up call. I have been giving myself guilt about the 3 Utz Chips bags on the floor of my car that got thrown there the past 3 days while at the same time saying, "well, at least I've been doing better at not eating so many sweets."

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