Thursday, November 30, 2006

Down, up, up

I try to blog from home, but then I don't do it, so I'm getting it done here at work so I can catch up.

11/16. 178.0, down 2.0. Yeah, my lowest yet. Finally see my "next 5" in sight. What did I do this week? I did really watch it. I did have some snacks at our friends when we all got together for scrapbooking. But then I had 3 days of Covey 7 Habits Training (wow, do I really need to get myself and my life together). And here I did really well. It was the free food and I fought it all the way. Every day, the mini-chocolate bites were on the tables and chips in the afternoon. I didn't have a one. Lunch was brought in, but from past experience I know how lacking in fruit and veggies it can be, so I brought my lunch bag full just in case. The lunches actually had decent selections, so I'd load up a big plate with salad, and then grab a small bowl or plate for the entrée. I passed on the fab desserts each day, except the last day where I allowed myself one slice. I was raised in a clean-your-plate-there's-strarving-kids-in-China house and still have trouble throwing perfectly good food away, or even watching someone else throw perfectly good food away. Hence the need to clean my kids' plates. So it was painful to know there was all this extra buffet food left, but I'm finally making paradigm shift (Covey's oozing out here) that it's not my responsibility to save (and eat) the extra. I even got to spread some healthy knowledge. I brought pomogranate seeds one day in the class and others were asking about them, so I brought in another one the next day and showed everyone the inside and many people sampled the seeds.

11/21 178.6, up 0.6. Went to see our at-work leader at the actuall WW place this week with other TDSers since we won't have Thursday weigh-in. What did I not do this week? I went to the Women's Expo and sampled whatever I wanted. And when the men in tuxedos offered my chocolates I didn't turn them down. I think I probably continued to work through more of the halloween candy. I remember thinking I gained 2 pounds and so was thrilled it was only 0.6.

11/30 181.8, up 3.2. Back to 50 pounds lost. Was expecting 5 lb gain, so this was good. I'm feeling pretty good that I didn't go up so much that I lost my 50 lb mark. Turkey day was good and I did pretty well. Then Friday something snapped and I was into the mini chocolate bars at work - unfortunately I know who has them and where. Then there's the leftovers at home and then I just gave myself permission to eat whatever I really wanted for the rest of the week. And so I have. That's why I expected to gain much more. I haven't had a decent workout in a while either. I'm probably losing muscle weight.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh, and the definition of "Holiday Season"

Most people call New Year's the end of the Holiday Season. Not for me. My company holiday party is January 6, and believe me, that is Festival of Fabulous Food at the ritziest hotel in Milwaukee, with Hors 'd ouvers to die for, and a five course meal, and free drinkie poos. Then comes the party that we'll be throwing, and I get all Martha Stewart for that. I'll declare the holiday season over after that. Still aiming for a net loss.

Two steps back, but still

217. Fat Percentage 46.9. Up two.

I would really really really like to blame this on Turkey Day, but frankly, I was good. Again, its because I saw it as a challenge, so I prepared. I picked only my favorite stuff, and I noshed on veggies most of the afternoon. I worked out every day.

It's the other days in the long weekend that were the death of me. Friday, I went out to see some bands and I guess I was thirstier than I thought, and I quenched that thirst with beer, not water. Bad Bad Bad. Note to self: beer does not quench thirst, it only makes you think you are. Saturday, that's probably where I really blew it. I was good all day, but when I got to the basketball game, I had "dinner" in the form of the BBQ Pork Nachos (yes, they sound gross, but really, they're really good, don't knock 'em till you've tried them) but also succumbed to the"heavenly roasted nuts". What was I thinking? First, I know that I'm weak for cashews to begin with, but then roasted with some sugary coating and served hot? Lordy, that was stupid. At least I got a small. And then, we went to see some bands afterwards, and if you read my regular blog, you'll know that these were the kind of bands that made you say "Jesus, I need a drink."

But it could have been worse, and such is the holiday season. I'm still confident that when its over, I'll come out on the losing side. My birthday's next week and I'm already planning how I'm going to handle it. I did this last year too -- I gained two pounds from Thanksgiving and the next week dropped some. (There's a reason I keep my long-term history). That was actually the week I declared "This Time For Sure" and started this blog. So, onward!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Countdown to Black Thursday

In retail, its Black Friday. If you work in retail, you prepare pretty much all year for this, the onslaught of challenge to just how well you do your job. On Friday, can you work 10 straight hours with only a short break now and then and still maintain your excellent Customer Service Skills? By 7:30 pm, can you still be civil to people? If you can, you can truly call youself Professional.

For us who are working on long-term weightloss, tomorrow, Thursday, is not the big game, but the coin toss. Will we call and get heads, and will we take the ball and start off on the offensive, or will we succumb, and start out on the defensive.

215.0, down 2.5 from last week, and at least i've made up for the setback from a couple of weeks ago, going into Thanksgiving.

I'm overall feeling good today, and about the season coming up. I had the day off work today, so I got up, and it was beautiful and sunny and reasonable out: so I went for a good long power bike ride. I was already planning to ride to work, but since I took today off (its not like anything is going to get done today since 70% of the office-based workforce is out also) I just went for a loooong ride. Feel real good. I'm baking the breads for tomorrow, and I'm going to make a variety of rolls, some plain white but fresh-from-the-oven rolls, and some six thousand grain dark robust thing for us people who need whole grain in our lives. I'm feeling good about this whole "eating holiday" since it will be spent at KDK's and since I know I can count on her to have lots of veggies sitting out to nosh on I have to retun it by making the carbohydrates as yummy but loaded with all the good stuff us WW people know decreases the points value.

I'm taking the ball and going on the offensive. That's how I did it last year. Gimme a F! Gimme A I! Gimme a B! Gimme A E! Gimme a R! What'sit spell?!?!? FIBER! What's it fill? Your tummy! What's it clean? Your colon! FIBER!!!!!!!!

C'mon, fellow dieters! Let's go! Let's go! Let's goooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Businessperson's food

OK, I'm back home and I'm by my regular scale and I'm posting a 1.7 pound gain this week. I have only two words of explanation:

Hotel Food.

That is all.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm late for Wednesday Weigh-in

...because i'm still away from my scale, and I like to use the same scale to ensure consistency.

Just wanted you all to know that I am not shirking from reporting a good or bad number.

Monday, November 13, 2006

It's everywhere! It's everywhere!

CHICAGO IL. --Your intrepid weightloss reporter is on special assignment in Chicago, (actually Rosemont, where there's a bazillion airport-based convention centers). I'm at a 4-day Project Management conference, and the challenge is maintaining program whilst eating hotel food, but I'm doing it semi-consciously, because i'm here to learn about Project Management stuff and....

... so I'm in this workshop titled "Persuasion and Influence: Necessary Skills for Today's Leaders" and its all well and good and we're learning the Four Cs ("conviction" is one of them) and the Twenty Thousand Ps ("Passion" is one of them) and there's not enough chairs, so I'm sitting on the floor and I can't see our presenter, and that's perfectly fine until she makes her point by recommending a weight loss book. And so, of course, I kneel up so I can see her, because instantly I'm thinking "Hmmmm. She didn't sound fat. Let's see just how fat she is." And she's not fat, per se, but she's a tall, commanding woman who probably has been told by some dickslap that she's fat. Maybe she has a paunch that she hides well. So she's plugging this book, it's called "Let's Do Lunch" and she's got passion for the goal and she's loaded with conviction that this is the way to go , and she's lost some 20 pounds in just a few months, and that's all well and good, but once, just once, can it NOT be about weight loss? Couldn't it have been about getting end users to like the upgrade of the software you're about to roll out? Couldn't the non-IT example have been about getting the customer on the homebuilding project to like the Corian rather than the marble? I'm already applying my work tools to weight loss: I did my performance review just last week like the fine ladies at Angry Fat Girlz suggested I do, and I even set milestones and deliverables and wrote myself a weightloss project charter like the good little card-carrying Project Management Institute member that I am. And before I had dinner, I spent an hour and a half in the health club here, but for one stinkin day out of the office, just once, can it not be about weightloss?

I guess not.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Down one

231.8/180.0/131.8 - Down 1.0 lbs this week, 51.8 total. But still in the 180s. I'm so tired of the 80s. I've been hovering in the 80s since April. I would have been so happy with even a 179.9, just to officially see the 70s finally. OK, so I must keep focus, keep tracking, keep eating my veggies and shunning the chocolate.

I really have a problem watching other people eat stuff I shouldn't be eating. It's that childish "It's not fair" mentality. I did pass up the Cinnamon Toast Crunch for the Fiber One with skim and a touch of splenda this morning. I was actually surprised that I even had to fight myself since I was actually looking forward to the Fiber One. But seeing someone in the house reach for the cinnamony sugary cereal set off my desire. If I could just live alone I could do some much better!

Our WW group has a group goal of 300 lbs lost through the holidays. 30 people X 10 weeks X 1 lb per week. I've done my share so far. And I try to remind myself of the group when I want to reach for a treat. We'll see how long that lasts.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Setbacks only mean you have to keep working harder

Well, on top of having to admit I live in a back-asswards state full of fearful dogmatic people who have the audacity to call themselves "christians" who think its perfectly appropriate to amend our constitution by limiting the rights of people instead of protecting the equal rights of people, I have to post a freaking weight gain today.

Weekly weigh-in: 215.8, fat percentage 45.8. At least the fat percentage is down, but I'm up 1.6 pounds. And I really don't know why. I journaled all my food. Yesterday we had a huge lasagna lunch at work, but was that 1.6 pounds worth? OK, don't let this get me down, it just means I have to work harder.

It's like this election. I should be happy that some of my measurements went down this week, just like I should be happy the Democrats took back the house. I should be happy my fat percentage went down, just like I should be happy that our governor won decisively and that a right wing wacko finally lost his state senate seat to a reasonable democrat in a republican leaning district. But that damn weight gain, like that foul discriminitory amendment, needs to be approached not as defeat, but just another sign that I have work to do, and now is not the time for giving up, or resting on any other laurels I can find.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Did someone mention rut?

First I'll catch up on reporting my progress.
10/12 - 180.1 - down 5.8 - total loss 51.4. Highest point so far
10/19 - 183.4 - up 3.0 - birthday, other pigging out. Was happy not to have gained 4
10/26 - on vacation - no weigh in
11/2 - 181 - down 2.4 - despite nephew's birthday (yummy pizza and "cake", V'ron!) and weekend up north with salty snacks and alcoholic beverages

I have no words of wisdom. Why do I insist on eating candy and sweets? Probably because my gym has a fitness challenge including avoiding sweets. So I must eat them. Halloween - had to try one of each candy bar.

I've been setting a second alarm in the bathroom to ensure that I get up in the mornings to get in some treadmill and weight time. I haven't been getting as much time as I'd like, so I need to step it up. Once my trainer sessions are over, I also need to devote that same amount of time to working out at home. Need to start planning that out.

Up at the cabin we went walking every morning 3+ miles, so that was good. I also took up weights and a mat and did some stuff on my own. Got in some hiking in the forest, but that wasn't really strenuous. I packed a lot of veggies and fruit and salad stuff and made sure to reach for that first every meal. My friends' husband always goes for the salty snacks around 10 PM when we're playing cards and that was my downfall. Did I pull out my fat free popcorn instead? No. Chips and french onion dip? Townhouse crackers and port wine cheese spread? Bring it on. And then there was the recreational drinking. Must plan ahead even more next time we go up north.

And now to planning ahead for the holidays. I need to get out my WW tools and really use them. I'm looking through the latest WW magazine for the holiday recipes and hope to incorporate many into our Thanksgiving dinner. I did try out the squash souffle last weekend and it was wonderful! Will definitely substitute that for the high fat/calorie sweet potato souffle I normally make. Will have to test the stuffing recipes next.

Between WW and my trainer, I only have 2 or 3 ways I could be tracking. Maybe that's my problem. Too many choices. I've been doing very badly at tracking and admitting the "bad" foods.

I'm back on track so far today. And I'll try to be better at weekly postings as well. At WW we now have a group challenge to lose 270 lbs between now and 1/4 (1 lb per week per person). So maybe if I think about the group that will help motivate me too. Can't let myself down. Can't let the group down.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm baaaa-aaack!!! Now , let's keep this momentum going.

Woo, between this past weekend, and the fact that I'm gearing up for the "challenge" season, I'm all pumped up. Especially after this morning's Wednesday Weigh-In!

214.2. Fat 46.3%. Down 3.4 That's more like it.

Amazing what a dose of self-confidence and moxie will do for your willpower and such. And I'm not at all nervous about the upcoming non-stop American Eat-A-Thon that is the impending holidays. I lose weight during the holidays last year, and I'm confident I can do it again. Why?

Because its so in-your-face about it that I'm already digging out all my tools. It's like if you know you're going to box in a match where your opponent is pretty damn tough, you're going to be prepared. You're going to train, you're not going to put any stupid food in your mouth. You see the challenge coming, and you meet it. Unlike summer, which is supposed to be easy for us weightloss girls: tons of fresh fruit and veggies everywhere, plenty of exercise to get in, la de da. Winter? Comfort food (read: mashed potatoes, cream, deep fried everything) no time or weather to get exercise in.

No, I learned last year that this was my peak time to lose weight because the challenges are there. They're classic ones. People throw in the towel over the winter because it's supposedly hard. No, I can't just "maintain." If I'm going to think about it at all, I'm going to continue to lose.

It really is the season to hone those lifetime eating skills. Eat only things you really like. Don't eat food just because it's there. Be picky about what you choose as a treat. Remember to eat balanced. I was all fired up last year around this time because I'd just started a blog, called it This Time For Sure, and sure enough, I lose weight over the holidays. I'm fired up now for many of the same reasons. I need to keep this momentum going.