Off and on the wagon

I didn't fall off the detox wagon. I planned to step off gently, and I did. I had lovely whole wheat lemon blueberry pancakes like I predicted i would, and took it easy the rest of the day. And I had a cup of Leon's Butter Pecan Frozen custard on Monday to celebrate the summer-like weather. And Tuesday I got right back on the wagon, and here I am. One pound down anyway.

240, fat percentage down a point to 47. Not bad for the week preceeding Rickshaw Ride.

So I'm back, and feeling good about the control. I hate that i have to be this conscious about it, but I've kvetched about this before.


gingub said…
i had a little stumble yesterday as well - it was all head hunger vs real hunger - urgh why are we so complicated about food!


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