No numbers progress, but reporting in anyway....

Well, I'm slowly getting my act together. I'm still hovering about 244 pounds, and I think I'm going to do something like Fat Flush or Atkins or some other low-carb thing, not to necessarily lose weight (but that should come with it), but more to get me into a disciplined way of thinking about food again. I'm not paying attention to points, I'm eating on the run, and it's just not working for me here. And it's bumming me out. Today I'm wearing what one year ago, were loose-fitting work pants. They're tight. I feel like crap.

In the meantime, however, on the exercise side, I continue to get my act together.

  • Rarely do i drive to work these days -- and this being Bike to Work Week there's all sorts of little incentives all over town (many of which involve snacks and breakfast treats...) for bicyclists. But half the time I don't even bike to work because of the health benefits. It's more about clearing my head. When I arrive at the office after riding for an hour (or, if I'd gotten sweaty, I hit the shower at the Y) I just seem to work better. It's like I've flushed out a load of poison from my system.

  • I started running last week. I suppose I should get a move on on this, seeing as how i'm running a triathlon in July again. Oh, and the Locust Street Beer run in a few weeks. I admittedly avoided getting started again, because i haven't been a very good girl regarding treatment of my plantar fasciatis, but I've taken steps for that. I have a couple of golf balls in my desk at work (to massage my heels after exercise) and a cold pack in the freezer with my name on it to ice down my feet. This stuff really works -- if you do it!

  • The nice thing about working normal hours is that I can get more trips to the Y in -- I'll ride my bike, and then shower at the Y, and if i get there early enough, i can lift weights for a bit before hitting the shower. Usually during the summer the weightlifting gets cut way back, but this way, I can at least still get some arm work in.

  • Oh, I earned a "Bronze Award" at thePresident's Challenge for Physical Fitness! Not that I'll actually send in for a certificate or anything (I'll wait for Gold....) but still. It's a milestone.

But the "loose" pants are still tight. I know I shouldn't let this get to me, or maybe I should. Well, whether it should or not, it does get to me, so perhaps maybe this is my wake-up call. There's a whole bunch of people on this blog (and others) who don't update all that often, and I suspect that it's because we see no point in going, "same old, same old." Well, I'm going to force myself to write something weekly, even if I don't lose a single damn pound. Maybe that will help me keep my eyes on the prize.


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