Jump Start

Today (at 245) I started Fat Flush -- phase I, again, not because I need a fad diet, but I need something to force me to think about food. Doing Weight Watchers is too much flexibility, so much that i'm not paying attention to food and why I'm eating it.

I've done Ann Gittleman's Fat Flush before, and though i can't possibly eat that way my whole life (phase III even), I do admit I feel great when I do it. It's not Atkins-style low carb, but Phase I -- which only goes for two weeks --is basically a detox from overprocessed carbohydrates. You basically get some fruit for carbs, and that's it. You pound cranberry water (unsweetened cranberry juice diluted -- which is the only way a normal person can take unsweetened cranberry juice), you pound omega-3 rich foods, you develop a relationship with Flax Oil, and you eat meat and avoid salt. There's more to it than that, but clearly it's a detox rather than a diet plan. Phase II become a diet plan, and you get to eat some more carbs, but they're those ones you really should be eating: non processed carbs, whole grain, stuff like that. It's really a healthy plan, doesn't cut out one food group completely, and it works. I can't do it forever, but i need a jumpstart, and I need something that makes me analyze and plan my eating, beacuse I'm out of control.

Anyway, that's what I've got this week. A Jump start.

Bike to Work week, as I wrote in my regular blog, isn't that big a deal for me simply because I've been biking to work for a couple of months now, and actually a few years during the summer. Still, it's nice to work in a place where I'm not the residetn oddity because I do this.

Two months to the triathlon. I best get a move on, literally.


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