There's something to be said for routine

Honestly, I didn't not post last week because I was chicken. I genuinely was busy. As a matter of fact, last week was I lost -- 242 (down 1) -- and this week i'm at 239.8 (down another 2.2). I'm really attributing this to getting back on a regular workout schedule, because, still, my eating habits aren't the best. I'm kind of tracking my food, but only on work days. It's a nice boost to feel like I'm back on track, not stuck on this upward spiral into the 240s that my body seems to want to settle to. Sometimes i fear, is 240+ that weight that I've read about, that place my body really wants to be, and is it going to be a struggle for the rest of my life NOT to be there? Or will i hit some place, like the high 100s, and be stuck there for awhile? Honestly, being stuck in the 180s would not kill me. But being stuck in the 240s like i was in the past few months was really getting on me. I felt awful, I felt FAT, my clothes were tight, I felt uncomfortable standing up, sitting down, my back hurt if i had to stand for more than 20 minutes. It sucked. And somehow, getting out of this right now seems to have lifted a weight that's much more than 5 pounds.

Plus, the bike is coming out. I normally do my shakedown cruise on Easter, but there's no big bummer than feeling like a long ride and then discovering some awful bug that prevents it from being so. Last Saturday was a lovely day out, so I rode about 5 minutes, realized i needed a lube on my chain, and went back out. Have a few more things to tweak on my bike, but I'll be ready for my Easter Ride. The weather may not cooperate. It's supposed to snow this weekend, but the thing about my Easter Ride is that I ALWAYS do it, no matter what the weather. One year I did it in 20 degree crappy rainy yuckieness. And it looks like I'll do it this year in crappy wet yuckieness as well. but I will still do it.


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