No matter what...

Seen on my Easter Sunday Bike Ride
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No matter what happens, no matter how crappy the weather is, I ALWAYS take my bike out on Easter Sunday for its shakedown cruise for the year, and this year was no exception. OK, fine, we got 12 inches of snow on Good Friday. OK, fine, Saturday was COLD. Sunday actually was a great day to be out on a bike. The streets were clear, actually they were dry, and it's just, as you can see, not the scenery I expected on my Annual Easter Sunday Shakedown Bike Ride. But I do it, no matter what.

And that's how i've got to think about this weightloss thing, that I have to keep at it, No Matter What, because i'm up 5 pounds this week, and I'll attribute that to tons of candy and the delicious pork roast i made and all the eating out i did this prior week. What a bummer, waking up after Easter and seeing that scale jump. But instead, I remember that I went out on easter, no matter what, and i have to keep this up, no matter what. Back to the food journal, back to routine.

Numbers: 244.2, fat percentage 48. But here's something -- I measured for the first time in weeks, and maybe there's an inch in my arms, but all the weight is in my waist and hips. The thighs didn't even get bigger. This is somewhat heartening, and at the same time, well there you go. Straight to the hips, as the old saying goes.


Therese Dawe said…
I feel you! The game is always on and we are either giving it our all, or slacking. Sometimes you need a day to slack off, but then it's right back at it. It's like having a part time job along with all the other things in your life. This part time job requires you to track what you eat, exercise and drink a ton of water. If you do all that, you get a paycheck! Keep up the good work, all of us who struggle with our weight can relate to your angst, and your determination!!
Girls said…
Ever go there? i mean the picture above.. nice!

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