Executive Challenges

Numbers. 243, up 1.5. I'd like to blame this on riding the rickshaw, which I just climbed on this morning, but I didn't work out so much this week (I had the car in the shop and it was a challenge to get to the Y) but I also ate stupidly as well. This needs to be the week that I really track and pay attention to the food tracking, despite the cases of Girl Scout Cookies that have contaminated my house, which present a challenge in and of themselves. . (Caramel Delights are very good frozen, and the exgtra effort it requires to chew them frozen does assist in stopping one from downing a whole box in one sitting.)

In other news, I've just joined the President's Challenge on Physical Fitness. Gosh, I remember the President's Physical Fitness award from when i was a kid. You had to run, jump, sit up, pull up and throw a softball. Yeah, like President Johnson did any of this. You had to score in the 85th percentile to get the patch, and I would have done it if it hand't been for that dang "Flexed Arm Hang." It was sort of the substitute for good old fashioned pull ups. You'd see your classmates hanging there like it was the test of life or something.

Anyway, that's all changed. Now just if you even try, you can get an award. And you don't have to be a kid. We're doing this at work now, and it's basically an online activity tracker/logger, but still, I like the attitude. I think when I was a kid, there was this understanding that some kids were athletes, and some kids weren't and that was that and there was nothing you could do about it. In fact, you had to be in the top 15% to be considered for this "award" and that kind of discouraged "regular" kids from even thinking about themselves as active people.

Anyway, here's the link to get set up. As you may know, Dubya isn't exactly my favorite president, but it's still a challenge, and right now Florida is leading the pack in the challenge. Oy.

EDITED TO ADD: Oh, doh doh DOH! Huge! I registered for the Danskin Triathlon last night. Jen has our motel room booked (again, it's not the Ritz-Carlton, but we just need a place to flop the night before after a hard day of registering and outlet mall shopping.) It was tempting to register for the New England race, just so I could tell people I swam in Lake Chaubunagongamaug, but that's not a good enough reason to book tickets to the east coast.


Therese Dawe said…
Just found your blog, you crack me up! I can totally relate to you. Are you really going to do a triathalon? I think that's really great. I am dong a 5-K and I seriously feel like someone should give me a frickin trophy! I have never been athletic, but I'm fixin to start!
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