Beginner's Mind, again

OK, down point 4, but I'm riding the rickshaw and I feel really bloated. I'm actually down a few measurements, which argues strongly for the fact that I journaled EVERYTHING this week, just to get back into that swing of things. Even the State Fair Cream Puff, which I ate and enjoyed immensely, with not an ounce of guilt. That's the thing. It can't be a guilt thing.

Went to a party Saturday night and was offered food and actually said, "No, thanks, I've already had dinner." These are habits that kick in when you're just starting out, and fall by the wayside, and are reasons I got stuck, as detailed last week. I've visited this topic before: I have to approach this again with Beginner's Mind.

I don't know what it is about right now, but now seems like as good a time as any to approach something with Beginner's Mind. Maybe because I had an ephiphay that I haven't mastered this weightloss stuff, even though I've been at it a long time. If I'd mastered it, I'd be at goal now. But you go through the whole journalisnig everything, oh, that's such a BEGINNER's thing to do, it's so beneath me. Well, the scale isn't budging. It's not beneath me to begin to take metrics again.


pastgirl said…
Boy do I relate – both to being stuck and to going back to a beginner's mind to get unstuck. Here's to getting there!
Lori said…
I love that expression and I still can't believe that ad, btw.

I'm trying to get back into beginner's mode. I guess we have to remind ourselves that we do have the promise and ability of starting all over and making improvements in our lives. BUT, gosh, it's so freaking hard to do day in and day out. I'm just trying to remember, "just for today."

Good job on saying no at the party and more importantly, not being resentful about being good.

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