Spending money on fat clothes

OK, numbers: I'm back down (!) to 239.4, so it's down something like 5 from last week, but a net loss over the past two weeks of .4. That's POINT 4, but it's still something.

The catalogs for summer sports clothes are coming in, and last summer i was fantazising about ordering only L or XL for this summer, and ain't gonna happen. I need a few more pairs of bike shorts, but I'm loathe to order any in XXL, because that seems to give me permission to stay here, in the mid 200s, instead of in the low 200s or high 100s, where I wanted to be by now, or certainly during this summer. But I have to remember i had this setback, and I still have to look at it as a setback, not a defeat. Heck, I'm still here, aren't I?

Still. I hate spending money on fat clothes.


Jen said…
Hey V'Ron! Hope all is well in your world...

Good for you to stick to your guns and keep working for what you believe in! This is a long, hard journey, and sometimes, even when you work your butt off and do everything right, the numbers don't cooperate. But it's not about the numbers, now, is it?

I will see you in July, and I expect you to put your killer times from last year's Danskin TO SHAME!!!
jj said…
I hear you ... thin clothes are a lot more fun, aren't they? But you'll get there, just keep on keeping on and remember, failure is just not an option! :)

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