Too chickens*&%to post

Because for the past two (coming up on three) weeks, I balloned up to 224-225-226. I didn't even weight myself today. I've had a nasty cough, which means I didn't exercise (why get on a stairmaster when it's going to trigger a 45-minute bronchial coughing fit?) and I was genuinely spooked when I stepped on teh scale and it read 226 and I thought it must be a fluke, and then I realized that I've been shoveling snakiepoos in. I've written before, its amazing how, even though neither Dextromethorphan nor Guaifenesin is listed as an ingredient on a box of Ginger Snaps, I still pounded those cookies in an attempt to soothe a nagging cough.

Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which really isn't that hard a day for me to get through, food wise. Back when I was a kid, Turkey was this really special thing that you only had once (or maybe twice, like at Christmastime) a year. But now turkey is the de facto meat ingredient everywhere. You can get sliced turkey at the deli, turkey dogs, turkey sausage, turkey everything. It's just another meat.

We're going to make Trash Can Turkey this year. It's been recommended by too many people I trust, and doing so will free up my oven for vegetable casseroles, freshly baked bread, and other things that will make it a special food day. (How often do I have the time to make a loaf of fresh baked bread! Now that's special). Here's basically how Trash Can Turkey works: you get a metal trash can, (which, believe me, was hard to find in these days of Rubbermaid bins!) and you put a stake in the ground. You put the turkey on the stake -- like those watermelons or squash you see in target practice -- and you put the trash can upside down over it. Then you get a load of hot charcoal coals, and surround the can with them, and put a bunch on top -- sort of like a giant Dutch Oven at camp. According to the girl at work who told me about this the other day (as well as the forty google hits on the subject), voila! You have a perfect turkey in less than 2 hours. We will see.

So yeah, I didn't weight myself today. I just have to establish a better exercise schedule, and just get back on track, accept that I'm way behind of my original goal of being down to 212 by 12/1 (that part's hard) and keep going. Because when I comb the other weightloss blogs of people who actually succeed, this didn't happen overnight, there were setbacks, but they never totally gave up. OK, so this has been a year long setback.

Half day at work today, so Gots to go. Happy T-Day, friends!


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