Monday starts again

Our last weigh-in with our weight loss counselor was Thursday. Instead of renewing (because we're broke), we bought a new scale for at home and we're going with that. I've switched to AM weigh-ins. As of this morning, I was sitting at 250. blech.

I spent an hour yesterday and pre-cooked 6 chicken breasts, 2 pork chops and chopped up every vegetable in my fridge. I also made enough tuna salad for 3 lunches. Now we're prepped for meals until Thursday. Tonight I have to make a run for more produce, but I'll prep and bag it all like I did yesterday. So much faster whne you're getting lunch in the morning and you just have to reach in for a handful of this and that, toss it in your container and go. No washing, no chopping. Just move!

I lied to myself about working out this morning. I was really really cold and unprepared for such coldness. No, seriously.

The ED counselor has not called me back to make an appointment.


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