Yo! Yo-yo!

I'll take Emily's cue and talk about how I got here, and where here is.

When I was a kid - 2-10 years old, I was tall for my age and boney. I was nick named Skinny and Bones. Then, the growth spurt stopped and I ate my way up to the nickname Fats. I was a pudgy 11/12 year old, slimmed down a little, but not a lot by the time I was 13 and by then, I was th 5'7" woman that I am today.

From there onward, I yo-yo'd. I'd eaten my way through depression in grade 8 and 9. The summer before grade 10 I ate only fruit for breakfast, veggies for lunch, rode my bike for an hour, 3x/day EVERYDAY and had whatever was handed to me for supper. When I went back to school, I was a very skinny size 10. I weighed about 140lbs and my stomach was flat finally. Briefly.

And then I gained and lost and gained and lost. When I was 17, I started every day with 2 cups of coffee and a snickers bar. Lunch was a can of coke. Snacks were more caffeine. I walked/jogged/biked everywhere. I was thin again. And then I crashed and ate my way to 173lbs and woefully joined Weight Watchers.

Every Monday we'd weigh-in. Every monday after the meeting, we'd go to DQ and get a burger and rings and a shake and then Tuesday, we'd deprive ourselves. I lost 20lbs pretty quickly and within 6 months of quitting, I gained 40.

After that I tried everything: excessive exercise; slimfast; nutri-system; jenny craig; more weight watchers; fen/phen; personal trainer; high protein/low carb; skipping meals. Nothing worked. I blamed it on low thyroid, never depression.

Prior to getting pregnant in 2002, I weighed in at 243lbs. My last weight before I gave birth was 275. I was finally diagnosed and treated for depression and when I joined WW this year, my first weigh in, I was 268.

I lost about 8lbs with WW and couldn't lose more. I went for 7 months and just couldn't get the scale to budge. My husband wanted to join in the efforts, so we switched to a program called Simply for Life. It has seemed to make a big dent for us as a family and we're both doing a lot better and overall, I just feel GREAT. Even if I'm losing slowly, I physically feel like a whole new, very energetic, version of me.

Last week, I weighed in at 254. I was up 2 lbs this month, mostly due to a variety of holiday parties that I just didn't plan well for. But I'm ok with that. I've pulled it all back in control again and I'm still feeling great. My goal is to stay in the 252-254 range until the end of the year.


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