Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

Heave my big lumpy ass off the floor for me, will ya?

I'm still in full holiday celebrating mode. After all, I'm with my family, who I see less than once per year. We're celebrating our first christmas all together in 17 years (oof) - I should get some slack, eh?

My pants are shrinking, my chest is heaving and there are still meals and snacks to be eaten. Our pre-dinner walks went out the window once we got here, mainly because I forgot it gets pitch black out at 4PM this far north. But also, our schedule is just so far out of whack.

Rather than say I'm going to shelve the efforts until we return home on Dec 31, I'm going to commit to making one improvement each day this week. Yesterday, I tackled water with a vengence. Today, I will cut the evening snacking by half (yes, that will make a difference, I've been eating THAT MUCH after dinner). Tomorrow, I'll nix all non-healthy snacks all together and that will bring us almost to our trip home, where I can pull it all together and start a detox and massive fitness regime.

30lbs by April 30. That's the goal. Hold me to it.


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